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Lose weight and improve eating without feeling deprived...
Doctor's Inspiration keeps the promise that weight-loss becomes achievable when you're in the right frame of mind. When you are feeling confident and positive, you can let go of emotional eating and other eating issues that are holding you back. The ideal strategy for successful weight loss is to find a way to focus your mind on your goal of getting in shape.

But how do you create that focused mindset with all the stresses of everyday life? That's exactly what the clinic is here for: an inspirational program that gives you the tools to lose weight without feeling deprived. You will benefit from the use of evidence based techniques of mindfulness meditation and clinically approved CBT-based hypnotherapy. Every element is designed to help you stay focused and stay on track, and is tailored for each individual.

The effects are immediate. You begin to let go of comfort eating, emotional eating, and any type of eating when you're not hungry. You are no longer preoccupied with weight or food. There's no feeling deprived, no self-sabotage, and no despair after a small setback. Instead, you feel confident about sticking to your healthy eating plans. You feel satisfied with healthy choices and small portions, and motivated about exercise.

When you attend the clinic (on Collins St Melbourne) you will be consulting with the family doctor who provides this CBT-based program to help patients resolve difficult issues. After completing his medical degree at the University of Melbourne he achieved Post-Graduate qualifications in Mental Health Sciences (Clinical Hypnosis) again at the University of Melbourne. Since that time, he has had over eighteen years experience in empowering people to successfully achieve their health-related goals.

For appointments with the doctor Medicare covers a significant part of the fee. Any gap amount is reduced in accordance with your income level. Appointments are available on weekdays, weekends and after hours. So if you'd like to make some of the positive changes listed above, now's the time to make that happen!


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